Saturday, March 8, 2014

Been a While, Huh, Guys? XD

Yes, like I said above, it's been a LOOOOONG time since I posted on here! (In my book, anyway! XD) I've been getting ready for my b-day party, helping my band out, fighting a case of lice, (which is thankfully gone!!! THANK YOU GOD! :D) and a BUNCH of other stuff. (Like doing a girls' Bible study with my friends!) Wow, I'm using a lot of parenthesis......and exclamation points! <--- see my "point"?
Ok.....all dumb puns aside and such, me and my band are STILL trying to come up with a name. We have a bunch of songs and are ready to record, BUT.........we have no name. So if any of you guys want to suggest any, feel free!
On to the lice subject.......XP. Me and a bunch of friends went to see the Lego Movie (which, BTW, is is a definite must-see!) and had a ton of fun. A few days later, we found a louse on Crystal. (My awesome lil sis.) mom checked my bro and me as well, and GUESS WHAT? We all had lice. If you've had it, you probably know how hard it is not to hug people like your mom and friends! When we FINALLY got rid of the pesky things, (I will hate the smell of orange listerine for the rest of my life!) I would run up to my friends and go "I CAN HUG PEOPLE AGAIN!!!!!" and then proceed to half-tackle them.


And I leave you with that! :)
Oh, and my friend Tiffany (Also one of my band members!) wants to know your favorite Christian songs!


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