Sunday, January 19, 2014

:D Happy News!

Ok, so the very close friends I mentioned a few posts back (the ones from the musical we were doing together!) And I have been getting together, and we've noticed that we sing pretty well in a group! So....we have decided to start a band! We already have 3 songs, two of which are posted on here. (I was elected kind of the main songwriter, since I write the most songs, and the other gals are REALLY helpful when I'm stuck on lyrics!) So, we're already songwriting and singing away, ready to perform...but we're missing a name. Suggestions are appreciated, since we're all kind of wracking our brains to find them. Here's a little list of some that I've come up with!

  • Cross Connected
  • Newfound Kingdom
  • FREE (an acronym for Forgiven, released, expectant, equipped)
  • 3:16 Girls
  • Born2Praise
  • LOUD (another acronym, meaning Living, Obediant, Undignified Delight)
Which one is your favorite? And, of course, as I already said, suggestions would be helpful! 


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  1. I kinda like the idea of FREE. It definitely would describe the way our Christian lives are! :)