Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots of News...lots of Paragraphs.

Just recently I read an interview that Stori Tori got with Bryan Davis, my all time favorite author. It was so neat! You'll have to read it for yourselves sometime!

Ok, so I have a Dolldivine account now. It doesn't have anything on it now, but I will get to making the characters on maybe the Tudors of the Game of Thrones maker. I can only have 21 dolls, though, because I need to save up for the Premium Membership.

I am on chapter nine of Fear's Stronghold now, as you might've seen from my little progress bar on my Dark Paths blog...(thank you, HTMily!) and going on strong! Some new characters, of course, and also a new ability for Ruben, because he really hasn't done anything special yet... :( The new characters are:

A few alienistic people
A spoiled brat who tries to take over a kingdom
A sensitive 7-year-old prince who loves to write
And a mysterious new villain named Nyfe Batcarver. *squee!*


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Need to Tell You...

Hello! Along with this blog, I am going to have a blog for my series "Dark Paths".

"Fear's Stronghold" has four chapters left! There will be eleven in all, not counting the sample chapter of "Hate it or Love it". It has gotten to where I have five villains. If you have anything you would like to see in my books, please, please tell me! I appreciate all suggestions!

Blessings, Aurora Emerson.