Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Me and my friends are doing a musical, and we have to write music for it. Well, we're cheating on our solo songs by doing parodies, but we have come up with original ones as well. Our musical, Unknown, is about five girls from different worlds who are doing things their own way. 
These girls (Estelle from modern day France; Rebecca from Civil War era Mexico; Thalia from medieval Norway; Tanna from ? era TX, USA; and Coral from Victorian era England) are sucked through a portal into a strange world where they meet up and have to each defeat their own personal fear, who is humanized. (Poverty, Death, Ridicule, ? And Boredom.) 
Each character is also going to go on a journey to make themselves a different person. (My character, Estelle, is pretty critical and stuck up in the beginning!)

I'll be posting some of the songs on here so you can get a glimpse of what it's going to be like!

Blessings, Aurora

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

Ah, my family has finally put up the tree, and my siblings and I have our very own four-foot-tall ones this year! With all the bustle, it's nice to just relax in my room and write/blog/draw/daydream away. I have an assignment for poetry class: write one free verse poem a day. Poking around for inspiration tonight, I decided on Christmas. Here it is!

Bells ringing,
People singing around their
Christmas tree
Having fun,
Being jolly and merry,
Dancing and
Shouting for joy.
Outside in the freezing weather
Shoppers rush
Because they have a set
Deadline to get
Their Christmas shopping over with.
December 25th!
Glorious day!
Day when our Savior
Came down to
Lowly little Earth
And was born as a little baby.
A tiny, crying baby,
His mother and father smiling at Him;
Among the cattle and sheep.
Sheep especially.
For shepherds came when they
Saw and heard
The amazing
Beautiful Angel Choir
Singing away in the night.
Little do
Mary and Joseph
Know that when their
Precious Boy is a
Wise Men from the east
Will come and bring Him gifts,
Seeing a wondrous,
Gorgeous shining star in the midnight sky.
Now we remember.
We read the Christmas story.
We look outside to see the star.
Star of wonder,
Star of
Star with royal
Beauty bright.

I hope this helps some of you remember as well!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Earring Pic!

Here's the pic! And Merry Christmas from my Minecraft Account! :)


Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hey guys, it's Aurora! I did something today that (being the painophobic/needlephobic human being I am,) will probably surprise some of you!

Wait for it...

I GOT MY EARS PIERCED!!!! :DDDDDD sooooo excited! I got little crystal studs, and am really happy that I finally (after chickening out a billion times) did this! I WILL be posting a pic of them soon, so keep an eye out. ;)

Also, I'll be posting some poetry I have to do for a class I'm in with a friend here, so expect some free verse coming SOON. (I have to do at least one a day until Monday!)

Welllllll, that's all for now, I guess! ^3^ see you next post, guys!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sleep and Songs

I have been having a HORRIBLE time going to bed and waking up, and actually woke up around 4:00 PM today...not good. But I was able to come up with a song!

Sleepin' late,
Missin' out,
Missin' out on life.
Wish I could change what seems to be fate,
Missin' out on life.
I need You now, more than ever, never needed You this bad;
I wanna turn my life around, go back to the life I had.

Stand beside me, Lord...
See me through these troubled times...
Only You can do what I need done,
What I can't do alone.
Stand beside me, Lord...
Help me through these troubling times...
I'm crying out, pouring out my soul...
Take my heart and make it Yours,
Stand beside me, Lord.

(Repeat verse and chorus)

I know You guide me through the Valley,
Darkness's black home,
Throughout my lives, to You I rally,
You call me Your own. (x3)

(Chorus again)

I need You now; More than ever; Never needed You this bad…

I hope you guys liked this! It kind of popped into my head, and I've been humming it ever since!

Aurora <3

Thursday, November 28, 2013


We have so many things to be thankful for, and the funny thing is, we take most of them for granted. For instance, clean water and good food. Now, take a second and look at this. These poor kids are starving. And some of them have waterborne illnesses that are pretty serious. We here in the US (or other countries.) are really lucky, if you think about it.

We also need to be thankful for a roof over our heads. Think about it. How would YOU like to be homeless? Sitting out there with a cardboard sign, hoping for a few cents so you could get a decent meal? No? You wouldn't want to be homeless? Well, be thankful that you have a home!

Another thing is FAMILY. I'm a teen myself, so I know how it feels to be really mad and want to lock yourself in your room and stay put, alone forever. Well, what would you do without your family? You would lose your main backup. When something goes wrong, I can always count on my mom to help me get through it. There's a reason that God put your parents and (yes, really) even annoying siblings in your life! Be thankful!

There are countless others! What are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving? Click here to tell me!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Hey, Guys!

I'm back! Did ya miss me? :3 *cough cough* Anywhoo, I have finished Fear's Stronghold, but will not be publishing it. Why? The Menaces are too much the same, and I couldn't just alter everyone's personality. It would be like taking away Kirby's adorability! So, you would basically have TEN uniform books with no exciting plot twists.
Well, I won't be continuing the Illuminate Trilogy either. Again, why? Because it was starting to freak my test readers out. Sure, it's a sci-fi action story, but it was getting to be a little...much.
I have had an idea rolling around in my head for FOREVER, and have finally made it into a story. Basically, Mythical Creatures are real, but wear human disguises until the New Moon. They stay in mythical form for about a month, and then go back to humans. Of course, they can marry and have kids. Their children posess some traits of their parents (fairy children have wings, dwarven kids have beards.) and a few magical qualities. But creatures and hybrids can turn dark, and when they do, they (duh) turn evil and shadowy. Plus, their Transformation Moon turns to the Full Moon. They have begun corrupting the Black Hills, and aim their goal at world domination. So, Aeryn, a Faebrid; Josh, a Unibrid (Unicorn Hybrid); and Autumn, a Fairy, are sent out to stop them! Sound good?

Blessings, Aurora

Plus, check out AuroraSky OC Ponies, my newest blog!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots of News...lots of Paragraphs.

Just recently I read an interview that Stori Tori got with Bryan Davis, my all time favorite author. It was so neat! You'll have to read it for yourselves sometime!

Ok, so I have a Dolldivine account now. It doesn't have anything on it now, but I will get to making the characters on maybe the Tudors of the Game of Thrones maker. I can only have 21 dolls, though, because I need to save up for the Premium Membership.

I am on chapter nine of Fear's Stronghold now, as you might've seen from my little progress bar on my Dark Paths blog...(thank you, HTMily!) and going on strong! Some new characters, of course, and also a new ability for Ruben, because he really hasn't done anything special yet... :( The new characters are:

A few alienistic people
A spoiled brat who tries to take over a kingdom
A sensitive 7-year-old prince who loves to write
And a mysterious new villain named Nyfe Batcarver. *squee!*


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Need to Tell You...

Hello! Along with this blog, I am going to have a blog for my series "Dark Paths".

"Fear's Stronghold" has four chapters left! There will be eleven in all, not counting the sample chapter of "Hate it or Love it". It has gotten to where I have five villains. If you have anything you would like to see in my books, please, please tell me! I appreciate all suggestions!

Blessings, Aurora Emerson.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Progress...^-^

Yesterday night I worked on my book some more...the same thing I've been doing since I started it. But this night was different. Why? Because I have added three more characters and introduced Raef, the main antagonist. Spying, lies, and betrayal are in store for our band of well as newfound faith at the end.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Great Progress

I have good progress so far! I'm in the middle of chapter three, which is called "Past Fears". Obadiah's sad past is revealed, and two brand new teammates join Kay, Halley, and Obadiah! I am actually not doing a chapter a day now, but the book WILL be out sometime in May.

Aurora Emerson

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Readers!

Hello! I am excited to announce that my book "Fear's Stronghold" will hopefully be out by the beginning of May! Here's a teaser just to get you!

As Raef sends out his evil monsters, two teens meet an angel in the woods and are recruited to fight him and the other members of the Eight Menaces. Armed with a sword and a bow, the teens begin their quest to make the forest godly again.

I am a Christian author, so don't judge me, please! I am trying to do a chapter a day, so hopefully it'll be out soon!